Currently tracking 1,100,000 samples

Special Offer For Those Using Other Systems

Switch to Sparkle and use it free for the rest of your contract with your current system!

So you already spent your sample-tracking budget on a sample tracking product and there's no more money in the pot. That's ok, we understand. But hey! We'd love to have you as a customer -- so let's forget the Sparkle fees until your contract runs out.


The offer

Switch to Sparkle and enjoy it free for the rest of your contract with your current system.

Which means...

Just signed a contract with someone else? Don't let that stop you from switching to Sparkle. We're so confident you'll stick with Sparkle once you've tried it that we'll waive Sparkle's fee until your other contract runs out.

So it won't cost you a penny to switch to Sparkle and start enjoying its easier-to-use, better sample tracking. And you will save money when the Sparkle payments eventually start because Sparkle is cheaper than other systems (see reason #1 below).

For example, if you have six months to run on your other contract, you can switch to Sparkle and use its superior technology without charge for six months. On the seventh month you start paying the usual Sparkle fee.

Here are some excellent reasons to try Sparkle

  • Cost: Sparkle costs a flat rate of £150/month + VAT (or £1,500/year + VAT), no matter how many users you have. Other systems usually charge at least that per user.
  • Productivity: all your team can use Sparkle at the same time. Other systems often slow down and glitch when several people use them at once.
  • No IT burden: Sparkle is web-based so it runs on PCs and Macs, and there's nothing to install, backup or maintain.
  • Improvements: We're constantly improving Sparkle. When did your current vendor last update their system?

Sounds good? You should set up a free, no-commitment 30-day trial account and try Sparkle for yourself.

Do I still get a 30-day free trial?

Absolutely yes! You can sign up here. This special offer kicks in once your trial has finished.


"Yes, but..." -- if you have any questions, email me (Andrew Stewart) and I'll sort them out for you. We want to remove every reason you have for not switching to Sparkle!

Enjoy using Sparkle!

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