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Signing Delivery Notes

If you have your journalists and stylists sign their delivery notes, you'll be happy with this change.


Sparkle makes it easy to email your delivery notes. And while we are big fans of the paperless office here at Sparkle HQ, sometimes there's no substitute for a good, old-fashioned signature.

So if your journalists and stylists come to your showroom to pick up their samples, you can print the PDF delivery note and get them to sign it when they take their samples away.

And later on when they bring the samples back, you and they can both sign the delivery note as a formal record.

To do this before today you had to scrawl on the delivery note somewhere. Now, though, Sparkle can print a neat signature block for you. It makes your delivery notes look that little bit more professional.

Sounds good, what do I do?

Go to your Settings page and tick that delivery notes need signing (see screenshot).

The signature setting

That's it! Sparkle will add two signature blocks to the end of your PDF delivery notes — one for when the samples go out, and one for when they come back.

Here's an example on a delivery note for Madame magazine for samples from Super Duper PR:

The signature block

If you don't want any of this you don't have to do anything. It's opt-in.

This is live in your account now. Hope you like it!

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