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Save lots of money with Sparkle

Sparkle saves our customers £6,600/year. It can save you money too, all while generating more publicity for your clients.


How does Sparkle save me money?

Sparkle saves you money by reducing your costs. Our calculations show Sparkle saves you (much) more money than any other sample tracking system, including a no-system DIY approach...

What are the costs of sample tracking?

Sample tracking costs money; there's no way around it. There are two costs at work:

  • the cost of paying your staff to handle all your samples;
  • the cost of the system they use to organise everything.

It takes time to label, catalogue, and organise your samples; time to send them off to press contacts; and more time to re-organise the samples when you get them back. Not to mention the time spent chasing up forgetful press people! Time is money: in this case, salaries for your samples team.

Your sample tracking system also has a cost. If it's a DIY, spreadsheets-and-Word-documents kind of thing, the cost is hidden. There's no line item on a budget for building, maintaining and extending it -- but believe me, it's there. It shows up instead on the salaries of your staff, because working on your system takes time and time is money.

Or perhaps you use a commercial sample tracking system, like Fashion GPS or Fashionsoft. Now you do have a line item on a budget and you know exactly what it costs you.

Our calculations

We compared, for each of our customers, the annual cost of Sparkle to the annual cost of:

  • using your own DIY, spreadsheets-and-Word-documents approach;
  • using our nearest competitor¹
  • using our highest profile competitor¹

-- and calculated the average savings across all our customers.

¹We won't name these competitors because we don't want any trouble ;)

Here are the results: Sparkle saves our customers money no matter what:

  • Sparkle saves £3,800 compared to a DIY system.
  • Sparkle saves £6,600 compared to our nearest competitor.
  • Sparkle saves £14,000 compared to our highest profile competitor.

We think Sparkle will save you money too. If it doesn't, you can have your money back.

How is such a low price for Sparkle possible?

A leading UK retailer said to us recently, "We can't believe the price is so low...what are we missing?"

The answer is: nothing. There are no catches, no hidden costs. We can keep the price down because we are very good at technology. We use it intelligently to streamline and automate everything, and we keep ourselves as lean as possible. And we pass those savings on to you.

OK, great! How do I try Sparkle?

Glad you asked ;) You should sign up here and off you go!

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