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Sample Sales and Gifts

You can now tell Sparkle when samples have been sold, and you no longer need a delivery note for sample gifts.


Sparkle has been able to record sample gifts and sample losses for quite a while. Now Sparkle can record sample sales as well.

You can keep an accurate record in Sparkle of exactly what happens to every sample.

How does it work?

As with everything in Sparkle, we've made it as easy as possible. Even better, it's exactly the same for gifts, losses, and sales – so once you can do one, you can do them all.

  • Go to the sample's details page.
  • Click the "This sample is lost..." button (or the sold or gift buttons as appropriate).
  • Optionally add a note about the loss (or sale or gift).
  • Click the "Mark this sample" button.

Lost sample

Sparkle will update the sample's status and you'll see the corresponding update on the sample's history page.

Can samples which are already checked out be sold or gifted or lost?


Can samples in the showroom be sold or gifted or lost?

Yes, and you don't need a delivery note (though you can make one if you want – see the point above).

Previously for sample gifts you needed to check them out first before you could say they were a gift. You don't need to do that any more.

How can I undo the gift or loss or sale?

If you tell Sparkle a sample was a gift, or was sold or lost – but it actually wasn't, just go back to the sample's details page and click the undo button.

New reports

There are reports for lost samples, gifted samples, and sold samples – so you can quickly see how much sample "leakage" you have, or how effective your sample sales are.

These reports can also help considerably at the end of the season when your client asks why they haven't received back as many of their samples as they were expecting!

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