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Sample Reservations

Often you don't need to send out a sample today, but you know you will need it soon.

You can now reserve samples to ensure they don't get sent out before you need them.


Let's say you have an event coming up in a few days and you'd like to keep certain samples for it. Or maybe an editor is visiting and you need to ensure particular samples are available for them. You need to reserve the samples.

How to reserve samples

The basic idea is you make a reservation with a name and date, and add samples to that reservation. You can have as many reservations as you like; samples can only belong to one reservation at a time.

As an example let's say you have a Vogue photoshoot coming up next week. Go the first sample you want to reserve for Vogue and click "Reserve" (next to "Duplicate this sample" at the bottom of the page). This pops up a dialog box where you choose for what to reserve the sample. We don't have any reservations yet so we choose "Add new...".

Choose reservation

This takes us to a page where we describe the reservation: it's for the Vogue photoshoot and it's on Monday 27th May.

New reservation

When we click 'Add reservation', we're taken back to the sample's page and now it is reserved.

Sample is reserved

How to check out reserved samples

Once samples are reserved they can't be checked out in the normal way. This is good because it prevents anybody sending them out by mistake.

So when the time comes for your event, how do you check out the samples? On the check-out page, go to the 'Find reserved samples' tab and choose the appropriate reservation. When you click 'Add these samples', all the samples will be added to your delivery note.

Checking out reserved samples

When you add reserved samples to a delivery note, the samples go from reserved to checked out and the overall reservation is cancelled (because it isn't needed any more).

Reviewing your reservations

To see exactly which samples are reserved, go to the Clients & Samples tab and click on Reservations.

Reservations navigation

You'll see a list of all your reservations, when you need them, and how many samples are in each. Click a reservation to see a list of all the samples attached to it.

Old reservations

What happens if you reserve samples but don't send them out? Reservations are automatically cancelled the day after their 'needed by' date.

Perhaps you have an editor coming to visit your showroom. You reserve various samples for their visit so nobody can send those samples out beforehand. The day after the visit, the samples will automatically revert from being reserved to available so they can be checked out again.

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