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You can now store all your samples’ images in Sparkle. The images are shown on delivery notes, on your collection pages and, well, everywhere.

No more guessing when samples come back with missing or mixed up labels!


Many agencies and brands keep libraries of images for all their samples:

  • You always have images you can send journalists in a hurry.
  • You can quickly check what samples look like without having to wander round your showroom looking for them.
  • When samples come back without labels, or with the labels all mixed up, you can use the images to see which one is which. This saves lots of time.

Until recently you had to organise all this on your own. But now Sparkle does all this for you: it’s a complete image library for all your samples!

How it works

Uploading images is as fast and easy as you would expect from Sparkle:

  • Each sample's page has an Imagery section.
  • Click 'add an image'.
  • Choose an image.

That's it! You don't even have to save it or submit it; Sparkle does that for you.

You can even upload multiple images per sample.

Where the images are used

Your images are used wherever it's helpful...which is pretty much everywhere given that Sparkle is a sample tracking system ;) Everywhere you see an image, you can click it to get a large version for a better view.

First of all, the images are on each sample's page. They're on each collection's page, making it easy to glance at your collection and see what's in it.

When you check out samples, you can use the images to help you choose which samples to send.

When you check samples back in, the images help you verify you are checking in the correct items.

When you search, the search results show the images to help you decide what you want.

Finally, your PDF delivery notes show images for all the samples on the note. This makes it much easier for the journalists to know what's yours once they've taken all your labels off!

Wrap up

Lots of you have been asking for sample imagery in Sparkle, so I'm delighted it's live in your accounts for you to use right now! It should save you lots of time. As always, I'd love to hear any feedback you have.

Enjoy using Sparkle :)

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