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Sample Archiving

Sparkle now lets you archive individual samples, as well as collections and clients, leading to a zen-like calm as you archive things you no longer need.


For over a year it's been possible to archive individual collections (with all their samples), and individual clients (with all their collections and samples). But it hasn't been possible to archive individual samples.

You can archive individual samples now.

What is archiving?

Archiving a sample moves it into The Archive where it is ignored by the rest of Sparkle. All its history and everything about it is preserved in case you need to refer to it later. But as far as the rest of Sparkle goes – the checking out, the checking in, the reports, etc – it may as well not exist.

This is perfect when you have returned a sample to its client. You want to keep all your records about the sample intact, but you also don't need to see it any more in your day to day sparkling.

What can be archived?

You can archive:

  • Individual samples: perfect for those which have been returned to the client or gifted or lost.
  • Individual collections (with all their samples): perfect for last season's items.
  • Individual clients (with all their collections and samples): perfect for former clients.

What happens when I archive a sample/collection/client?

If you archive a client, all its collections and samples will be archived too and the client will only appear in the archive.

If you archive a collection, all its samples will be archived too and the collection will only appear in the archive. The client will be both in the archive and the active clients list.

If you archive a sample, it will appear only in the archive, while the collection and client will appear both in the archive and the active client pages.

Can I unarchive a sample/collection/client?

Yes. Just click the "Unarchive" link on the sample/collection/client's page.

Why is it a good idea to archive things?

It's a good idea for the same reasons it's a good idea to clear out the old from your showrooms:

  • It's easier and faster to find what you need when you have less to look through.
  • It eliminates the risk of mistakenly sending out old samples.
  • Reducing clutter makes you feel better because your brain doesn't have to spend time filtering out the things that shouldn't be there.

Happy archiving!

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