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Sparkle Referral Scheme...Upgraded

Now everyone (not just the boss) can benefit from recommending Sparkle to others! If you encourage one of your contacts to use Sparkle, we'll be very pleased to send you a cheque for


Previously if you recommended Sparkle to someone, your Fashion PR agency got 20% off its Sparkle subscription. That was great for the boss, but not much of an incentive for anybody else.

So from now on, if you recommend Sparkle, you can ask us to send you £100 instead!

All you have to do is get them to sign up and then let us know the credit belongs to you.

You'll be doing them a favour, doing yourself a favour, and doing us a favour!

You can see all the details on our referral scheme page.

Your next step

Pick up the phone and call your friends at other Fashion PR agencies. Tell them all about Sparkle, and how easy it is, and get them to sign up for the 30-day free trial.

Everybody who has tried Sparkle loves it, and sticks with it, so if you can get them to give it a go you're pretty likely to start getting money from us.

Let's make some calls!

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