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Sparkle Referral Scheme

You can reduce your subscription to zero, and even earn money, by referring customers to us. Just get your friends at other Fashion PR companies to use Sparkle, and see your subscription plummet by 20% per referral. After five referrals you'll be using Sparkle for free, and for referrals after that we'll pay you!


UPDATE (29 March 2011): we have updated the referral scheme so everybody benefits!

You will reduce your Sparkle subscription with every customer you refer to us. Not only that, you can use Sparkle for free and then earn money from us. Just think: a monthly recurring income simply by putting in a good word for us. Nice!

How does it work?

If you refer us someone who becomes a paying customer, we'll be so pleased we will:

  • Reduce your subscription by 20% (for as long as they're a paying customer)
  • Reduce their subscription by 20% too.

It's win-win-win: you pay less, they pay less, and we have a new customer!

Simply let us know when you've referred someone and we'll take care of the rest.

Referring a second customer, then a third, ...

This 20% reduction happens for every customer you refer to us. So when you refer a second customer, we'll take 40% off your subscription. And so on.

When you've referred five customers, you'll be using Sparkle for free!

And with the sixth, we'll pay you 20%. The seventh, get the picture.

What's the catch?

There isn't one.

Some business types have told us that we should limit the referral fee to three months, or pay a lower percentage such as 3%. But our goal is for Sparkle to be the Easiest Sample Tracking in Fashion PR, and that applies to everything we do.

20% is an easy number for everybody to work with, and no limit is easier than a cut-off at three months. We choose easy.

Your next step

Pick up the phone and call your friends at other Fashion PR companies. Tell them all about Sparkle, and how easy it is, and get them to sign up for the 30-day free trial.

Everybody who has tried Sparkle loves it, and sticks with it, so if you can get them to give it a go you're pretty likely to start getting money from us.

Let's make some calls!

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