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PDF Delivery Notes

Sparkle now generates beautiful PDF delivery notes for your samples.

It makes you look good.


Sparkle has always generated a delivery note when you send out samples.

You can print the delivery note and pop it in the bag with the samples. Or you can email it; whenever Sparkle sends any emails -- e.g. a new-delivery-note email, a reminder email, or an ad hoc email -- it attaches the delivery note.

Before yesterday these delivery notes looked ok...but nobody ever said, "Wow, that's a nice delivery note!"

This was a problem because we are in the Fashion PR business: things should look good! Specifically, Sparkle should make you look really good to the people you do business with!

So now Sparkle makes a beautiful PDF for every delivery note. Print it, and it looks great; send it by email, and it still looks great.

How do I get a PDF delivery note?

On every story's delivery note page, there's a link called "Save as PDF". Click it!

To send the delivery note by email, click the "Send by email" link. The PDF delivery note will be attached automatically.

For best results, make sure you have uploaded your company's logo so Sparkle can include it on the delivery note.

What goes on a delivery note?

Your company's name, address and logo; the recipient's name and address; the story's title; any special instructions; the deadline for returns; the samples (see the next section); any notes for the story in question; and your company's delivery note footer.

And a barcode, for speedy handling.

In short, everything you need and nothing you don't.

Delivery notes are always up to date

As we explained before, delivery notes group their samples like this:

  • Samples you want back, and when you want them back
  • Samples which have already been sent back
  • Samples which are gifts (and you don't expect back)
  • Samples which are returns to the client (and not expected back)

These are always kept up to date, so every time you look at a delivery note it will show you the situation right now.

This also applies to reminder emails sent by Sparkle. For example, let's say you sent 10 samples to Vogue last week and they have returned 8 of them. When Sparkle sends a reminder email, the PDF delivery note will show the 2 samples which haven't been sent back and the 8 that have. If Vogue then sends back another 1, the next reminder will show 1 sample still out and 9 back. And so on.

Email history

On every story's delivery note page, at the bottom, you can see a history of all the emails Sparkle sent about it. You can click on any email to see exactly what was sent...including the delivery note as it was at the time.

As with everything in Sparkle, you have a complete and accurate history of what happened. Useful if your press contacts ever become "forgetful"!


Delivery notes (whether printed or emailed) are sent by Sparkle on your behalf. How they look to the recipients reflects on you. So I'm pleased to say they look really good!

This is all live in your account now. Enjoy!

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