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The One True Delivery Note

The delivery note PDF is the one true delivery note.

The former delivery note page is now the story overview, and the check-in page is simpler.


The confusion

Back in the old days when Sparkle began, there were no PDF delivery notes. The delivery note was simply the page you saw after you had finished choosing samples for the check-out.

Later on Sparkle started making PDF delivery notes which were a huge improvement.

However the original delivery note page was still there. At first the page and the PDF showed the same content, although of course the PDF looked much more professional. After some time though, new features were added only to the PDF and not to the page; for example sample images.

Unfortunately there was no indication to anyone using Sparkle that the delivery note page and the PDF now differed.

Furthermore the delivery note page was redundant since the true delivery note was the PDF. It was all rather confusing.

The solution

The delivery note PDF is Sparkle's one true delivery note.

The page that started life as the delivery note page has been converted into an overview of the check-out. It can no longer be mistaken for the actual PDF delivery note (hopefully!).

The story overview page has a prominent link to the PDF delivery note. Unnecessary information has been removed, such as your own agency's logo and address.

Here's a screenshot of the top half of a story overview (this used to be the delivery note page):

Story overview

Similarly the story check-in page has been cleaned up and simplified. When you are checking in samples from a story, you don't need to see, for example, your logo or address; so those have been removed.


Overall Sparkle has become a little clearer and easier to use:

  • It is now much clearer that the delivery note PDF is the one true delivery note.
  • The redundant original delivery note page has been converted into a useful story overview.
  • The story check-in page is much cleaner and clearer.

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