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New Prices

Sparkle used to be all-or-nothing for one price.

Now you can choose a level to fit your needs, whether you're an international agency or a two-person team.



The good news: Sparkle is now free for showrooms with fewer than 200 samples!

More good news: if you don't keep photos of your samples, and you don't need Sparkle's automatic email reminders, you don't have to pay for them. Sparkle now costs you less!

All the details are on the Pricing page.

Introducing the price plans

Every showroom is different: some are huge and hectic, others are small and tranquil. These showrooms have different needs and different budgets.

Sparkle used to be all-or-nothing. There was one price and you got everything. However lots of smaller boutiques and younger agencies told me that, while they loved Sparkle, they didn't need half of what it does and they couldn't justify the price.

I thought about this and the results are the Deluxe, Agency, and Boutique plans.

The Boutique Plan

If you have fewer than 200 samples, you most probably don't need a system to store your sample images. And you almost certainly don't need a system to email forgetful journalists for you.

However you would definitely benefit from a dedicated sample tracking system (instead of wrestling with Excel, Word, hand-written labels, etc).

This is what the Boutique plan gives you. Best of all, it's free.

The Agency Plan

This plan is for medium sized agencies – or brands' press offices – with, say, half a dozen collections or more. You need a dedicated sample tracking system and can manage without automatic reminder emails or a sample image library.

This is the plan for you. You get all the benefits of Sparkle but don't pay for the features you don't really need.

The Deluxe Plan

This plan is for busy agencies and press offices who need to be as efficient as possible. When you regularly hold press days, and are heavily involved in Fashion Weeks, you need to be completely on top of everything!

You get the full Sparkle package including automatic email reminders and the sample image library. And you get priority support for those times when you need a little help!

30-day free trial

This hasn't changed: everybody gets a 30 day free trial to see whether Sparkle is right for them. You only need to choose a plan once your trial is over.

Why not start today?


If you have any questions about the price plans, or anything else for that matter, get in touch!

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