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New Look for Sparkle

Sparkle has a new look! Now it's beautiful and intelligent...what's not to love?

The new design will help you in four ways: here's what they are.


Sparkle has always been easy to use, but until today it looked...tidy. Now as everyone in fashion knows, tidy isn't enough. Things need to look great! So we've given Sparkle a head-to-toe makeover. We love it and hope you do too!

Here are four ways this new look will help you.

You'll enjoy your work more

This is touchy-feely but very important: you'll enjoy your work more because Sparkle looks cheerful. When the things we use and look at look good, we feel better. We all know that intuitively -- that's one reason we enjoy fashion so much.

We know you spend a good chunk of your day looking at Sparkle, and we want you to enjoy it. Nobody gets inspired by Excel or Word, but we hope you'll be cheered up by Sparkle. Cheesy but true!

Easier to read

The second benefit is more practical: we've widened the page from 700px to 960px. That's 37% more room for all the reports and samples and clients. You'll find Sparkle easier to read, which means you'll get your work done faster and you your colleagues will make fewer mistakes.

Faster to use

Thirdly Sparkle's pages load faster so you'll have less time to wait for each page. In mumbo-jumbo terms, we reduced the CSS by 28% and the JavaScript by 60%. Which simply means Sparkle goes faster. And you can get your work done faster.

Easier to extend

Finally, you'll see future improvements to Sparkle sooner. That's because we've restructured the pages to make them easier for us to extend, so we can get upgrades in your hands even quicker.

We hope you like it...we know we do. Tell us what you think!

Enjoy using Sparkle!

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