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Multiple Showrooms

You can now run multiple showrooms from one Sparkle account.


You can now run multiple showrooms from one Sparkle account. You can easily see which samples are in which showrooms, transfer samples between showrooms, and even print different kinds of labels for each showroom. Check-outs and check-ins are showroom-aware to reduce the chance of sending out the wrong sample, and to ensure your records are kept up to date without any extra effort from you.

The whole process is designed to be as smooth and unobtrusive as possible. And to give you a clear, up to date picture at all times of your different showrooms.

For those running a single showroom: you won't notice any changes at all.


Every Sparkle account starts with a single showroom. You don't notice it but each person and each sample is assigned to that one showroom.

Once you add a second showroom, you can tell Sparkle in which showroom each of your people works. And you can you say to which showroom your samples belong. Sparkle then keeps track so you always know in which showroom your samples are.

You can filter every collection's samples, and every sample on the active samples report, by showroom. And every list of samples in Sparkle can display their showrooms so you always know to which one they belong.

How to add a showroom

Go to your company overview page by clicking your company name in the top navigation. You'll see a single tab with your current showroom, your team, the address, and links to update your settings and add a person.

Click the 'Add a showroom' link on the right hand side and fill in the new showroom's address and contact details. The showroom will be added to the tabs.

Showroom nicknames

When you have more than one showroom you need a way to refer to them, i.e. a nickname. By default Sparkle uses the first line of the address. Often, though, that's not how you talk about your showrooms; you say, the "Hamburg showroom" or the "Bond Street showroom" instead.

So it's a good idea to change your showrooms' nicknames to match the way you talk about them. Just click the 'Edit' link by the nickname and update it appropriately.

Assigning people to a showroom

If you move to another showroom, you can update your showroom in your profile. Click your name on the top-right corner of any page → click 'Your profile' → choose the correct showroom on your profile, and save.

Alternatively, if you are the administrator for your Sparkle account, you can edit your colleagues' profiles and assign each one to the appropriate showroom.

Assigning samples to a showroom

You can either assign samples individually or in bulk.

To assign an individual sample: edit its record, choose the appropriate showroom, and save it.

Bulk-assigning samples is also known as an inter-showroom transfer.

Inter-showroom transfer

To move many samples at once to another showroom:

  • First list the samples to transfer: either on a collection's page, or via the active samples report.
  • Use the showroom dropdown to list only the samples in the source showroom.
  • View them as a list: click 'View' → 'View as list'. You may also want to list all the samples on the same page via 'View' → 'View all'.
  • Tick each sample you want to transfer. If many are listed together, you can click the first and shift-click the last to tick all the ones in between as well.
  • Click 'Move to another collection' above the sample list.
  • Choose the destination showroom and click 'Save'.

It may look like a lot of steps but it comes down to: list the samples, tick them, click the transfer button. Easy!

Check out

Check-outs are aware of showrooms and prevent you from checking out a sample from the wrong showroom.

Every Sparkle user is assigned to a showroom and every sample is too.

When you start a new check out, Sparkle assumes you are sending out samples from your own showroom. You can change this however if, for example, you are checking out samples on behalf of a colleague in another showroom.

Sparkle will put the appropriate showroom's address and contact information on the delivery note.

When you come to add samples to the check-out, you can only check out samples from the showroom the send-out is going from. If you try to check out a sample from another showroom, you will see a message explaining the sample is actually in another showroom.

This means you can't accidentally check out a sample from the wrong showroom.

Check in

Check-is are also showroom-aware.

When you check in a sample, it will be automatically assigned to your showroom. If the sample was previously assigned to a different showroom, Sparkle will remind you it has updated the sample's showroom.

In this way the showrooms are always kept up to date without any manual intervention from you.

What happens if a magazine returns samples to the wrong showroom?

Let's say showroom A sends samples to a magazine, which returns them to showroom B.

When someone from showroom B checks in the samples, they will be assigned automatically to showroom B.

If the samples are staying in showroom B, everything's fine and you can stop there.

If, on the other hand, you are sending the samples back to showrooom A, you need to do an inter-showroom transfer (see above) in Sparkle so it knows the samples are being moved back to showroom A. And then everything is accurate and up to date.

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