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Make Your Job Easier With Barcodes

Sparkle has full support for barcodes so, if you want, you can save yourself a lot of typing by scanning barcodes instead.

This speeds things up, eliminates typos, and just looks cool.


Sparkle is fully barcoded-up. If you're not interested in barcodes, you can ignore them completely and they'll stay out of your way. However if you'd like to speed up your check-outs and check-ins, eliminate typos, and just make life easier for yourself, read on.

Checking out samples

Here's the check-out screen where you add samples to your story.

The check-out screen

To find the samples you want, you can either drill down through the brand and collection (using the dropdowns) or just give Sparkle the sample codes directly. The second way is faster, especially if you've got the samples in front of you — simply look at their labels to find their codes.

A sample label

This sample's code is CR-02-S09-002. You can type that in to the check-out screen, hit Enter, and it's added to the story.

Or you can wave a barcode scanner at that barcode. Done. You don't even need to hit Enter afterwards — it's already added.

If you have a whole load of samples to add to a story, you can scan one label after the next until they're all done. No need to fiddle with the computer in between each sample. It's really fast.

Checking in samples

It's same deal when checking in samples.

The check-in screen

You can check in samples individually: just scan one barcode after the next until you're finished. Or type in the sample codes the old-fashioned way — whichever works for you.

Or you can pull up the delivery note. Flick to the 'Find a delivery note' tab and scan the barcode on the delivery note in front of you. Sparkle will pull up the delivery note on the screen, where you can just tick the samples which have come back in. Easy.

Barcode scanners and labels

You don't need a fancy barcode scanner to benefit from all this. When we were building this, we deliberately bought the cheapest scanner we could find on Amazon. We reckoned if it worked with that, it would work with anything. And it did.

If you're curious, we bought the My-Link USB Barcode Scanner Reader for £28. It came with a complicated manual which looked like it had been translated from Finnish by a Japanese chap working at Ikea — I threw that away, plugged the scanner into my Mac's USB port, and it just worked.

On the label front, you can print any size of label you like. If you don't see your size listed in Sparkle, drop us an email and we'll add it for you.

When you print your labels, be sure to set your printer so it does not scale them. Sparkle produces the labels as a PDF so they all line up perfectly. We don't want your printer to undo all that good work.

We hope all this makes life easier for you. Enjoy using Sparkle!