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Export to Excel

You can now export all your reports and collections to Excel. Slice, dice, and graph your data to your heart's content!


For the past few weeks we've been improving invisible yet vital parts of Sparkle such as database backups. Now, though, we've added something everybody can see and use: exporting to Excel.

So what can I export to Excel?

Well, it might be better to ask what can't you export to Excel ;)

We've added it everywhere we think it would help:

  • On every report.
  • On every collection's Manage Samples page.

If there's somewhere else you'd like to have it, just let me know.

How do I export to Excel?

As with everything in Sparkle, we've tried to make it easy: click the link called...'Export to Excel'.

Here's an example from a collection's Manage Samples page, with a helpful blue arrow.

Export to Excel

This is all live in your account now. Exporting to Excel has been much requested by our customers so I hope you find it useful!

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