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Delivery Note Emails

You don't have time to keep chasing up everyone who's late returning your samples. So let Sparkle do it for you: Sparkle can email out the delivery note when it's ready, automatically send reminder emails, and then send a thank-you when all the samples are returned. You'll get more samples back on time, with less effort.


When you have lots of samples it can be really time-consuming calling around your freelancers and publications to get late returns back. Sparkle knows where all the samples are, and when they're due back, so let's get Sparkle to follow them up for you.

How does it work?

Sparkle can send emails for you at three stages:

  • When you create a delivery note
  • Reminder emails — while you wait for the samples to be returned
  • A thank-you when all the samples are returned

Once you have set up what you want these emails to say (you only need to do this once), whenever you check out samples for a new story, you just tick the boxes for the emails you want to be sent. It's as simple as that.

You can also get Sparkle to email the delivery note "manually" whenever you like.

First we'll look at setting up the emails, then at how to opt in to them on a delivery note. Finally we'll see how to find out what emails your press contacts have been getting.

Setting up the emails

Before Sparkle can send any emails, you need to tell it what you want the emails to say, and who they should go to. Because every delivery note is different, you can use "email tags" like [due_date] which Sparkle fills in appropriately for each delivery note.

Delivery note emails link

Click the 'Delivery note emails' link in the top-right corner of the screen, near your name. This takes you to the pages where you can set up what you want the various emails to say.

You'll see three tabs: New Delivery Note, Reminders, and Thank You. Let's take the New Delivery Note tab first.

New Delivery Note

Email tags

You'll see a template email with fields for From, To, Subject, and the main email body. On the right hand side is a list of the email tags you can use. The template is already populated with some example wording — feel free to change it. When you're happy with how it looks, click the save button.

The delivery note will be attached to the email when Sparkle sends it.

Note that saving a template doesn't mean Sparkle will start firing off emails willy-nilly for all new delivery notes. You also have to opt-in on each delivery note.

Thank You

The Thank You email template works the same way. The only difference is that Sparkle doesn't attach the delivery note to the email because we assume your press contact has a copy of the delivery note. You can always email the delivery note again, at any time, from the delivery note page.


Reminders are a little different: each reminder has a schedule, and you can have more than one. For example you could have a friendly reminder which goes out when samples are three days late, and a more vigorous one which goes out after a week and again every two days after that.

Click the 'Add Reminder' link to add your first reminder.

Reminder schedule

Above the usual email template fields (From, To, Subject, Body) you'll see the schedule. Here you specify when you want the reminder to be sent, and if you want it to recur. The delivery note is attached to the reminder when it's sent.

Once you have set up a couple of reminders, the page will look something like this:

List of reminders

All active reminders are applied to every delivery note which is using reminders. You can un-tick a reminder to make it inactive if you don't want to use it for some reason.

Using the emails on a delivery note

When you have set up your email templates, which you only need to do once, you can choose to use them on any delivery note you like. When you go to the Check out page to create a new story, you'll see a section for Delivery note email options.

Delivery note email options

In this screenshot the "delivery note" option is disabled because I haven't yet set up a template for New Delivery Note emails. However I have set up some reminders and a thank-you, so I can tick the boxes to use them on my new check-out. If I leave them unticked then of course Sparkle won't send out those emails.

Viewing a delivery note's email history

The bottom of every delivery note page shows all the emails which have been sent. (This doesn't appear when you print out the delivery note.) Here's an example:

Email history

You can click on any of these emails and you will see the full email that was sent, along with the delivery note which was attached.


You've seen how to set up templates for New Delivery Note emails, Reminder emails, and Thank You emails. You also know how to opt in to any or all of these on a delivery note, and how to see what emails have been sent.

We hope you find these emails as useful as we do. With just a few clicks you can really increase the number of samples returned to you on time, with no effort on your part.

Enjoy using Sparkle!