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Civilised Reminder Emails

Your automatic reminder emails are now sent at 8.30am.

This should make people more likely to act on them!


One key way Sparkle can save you time is by automatically emailing reminders to forgetful people who haven't returned your samples. Instead of looking for everybody's phone numbers, calling them, chit-chatting, and then finally asking where your samples are, Sparkle can just email them for you. Very useful!

However these reminder emails always used to be sent at 6.30am GMT. Which was fine if you were in London, though half past six in the morning perhaps make you look a bit too enthusiastic. But if you were in Los Angeles, or Sydney, for example, the reminders were sent in the middle of the night.

The solution

Sparkle now knows what time zone you're in (see the Settings section in your Sparkle account), and will email your reminders at 8.30am. Which means that your reminder will be one of the first emails your contact sees when they start work in the morning.

And hopefully that will make them more likely to act and send back your samples. Hooray!

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