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Choose the sample fields on your labels

You can now choose which sample fields are shown on your sample labels.

Add the price, take away the brand? No problem.


Since December 2011 you have been able to choose which sample fields are shown on your delivery notes. Now you can also customise your sample labels.

All sample labels show your company's name, the sample's barcode (generated by Sparkle), and the sample's unique code (also generated by Sparkle). You can see these in the top half of this example label:

An example sample label

The lower half of the label shows additional information about the sample. In the example above, this is the brand name ("Baum und Pferdgarten") and the sample's description ("Adriane dress...") – this is what you get by default.

From today you can customise this additional information.

For example, here's the same sample with the brand name replaced by the collection name and retail price. We've kept the sample's description.

An example customised sample label

And that's not all...

You can also see we changed the separator from a tilde (~) to a bullet (•). It's a small point but worth mentioning.

How do I customise my labels?

Go to your Settings page and click on the Labels tab.

Choose the fields you want, drag them into the order you want, and save the changes.

That's all there is to it!

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