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Introducing Charts

Sparkle holds a lot of useful information about your samples and contacts, and charts are a great way to see what's going on.


Sparkle holds a lot of data about your samples. Charts are a great way of understanding all that data at a glance. So here are five charts to give you better insight into what's going on.

Loans by month

Your dashboard shows you the number of samples checked out and returned, every month, for the past year. Here's an example:

Loans by month

The dashboard also shows your outstanding sample loans, broken down by month:

Outstanding loans by month

This ties in with the 'late samples' figure at the top of the dashboard.

Samples over time

The dashboard shows how many samples you have added each month, along with the total:

Samples over time

You can see clear bumps when each new season arrives.

How reliable are your contacts at returning samples?

Every day you send out samples to publications, freelancers and stylists. Occasionally they send them back :)

It helps to know who sends samples back quickly and who is forgetful busy. You don't want to send samples to somebody with a poor track record if you know you'll need them soon. In that situation, you'd be better off reserving the samples. Anyway...

Sparkle now has two charts on every contact's page:

  • How long it takes them to return your samples.
  • How long you've been waiting for unreturned samples.

Here's an example:

Looking at these charts, I'd say this person isn't especially reliable!


Your day to day sample activity builds up a wealth of data in Sparkle. Revealing that data in helpful ways can tell you a lot about your samples and contacts, and in turn help you make better business decisions.

Charts are an excellent way to visualise information and we'll add them wherever they would help. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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