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Celebrity stylists

You can now check samples out to celebrity stylists.

And on the check-out page it's easier to choose where samples are going.


Celebrity stylists now have their own section in Sparkle! Before today you had to list your stylists in the Freelancers section (under Media). Now you can move them into their own Stylists section, leaving the Freelancers section for editorial freelancers.

There are also two new reports for stylists:

  • All samples currently out to a stylist.
  • History of samples out to a stylist.

Celebrity Stylists

You already know how to use the Stylists section because it works the same way as Freelancers. In a nutshell:

  • Click on Media in the menu.
  • Click on Show me Celebrity Stylists.

Now you can add a stylist, view one already in Sparkle, and so on.

Moving Freelancers to the Stylists section

If you have people in your Freelancers section who are actually stylists, you can move them to the Stylists section like this:

  • Go to the "freelancer" you want to move.
  • Click on 'Edit this freelancer'.
  • Click on 'Move this person to the Stylists section'.


The stylist reports work just like the freelancer reports. You can see all samples currently out to a stylist, and a history of all samples out to a stylist. And you can export these to Excel for further analysis.

To run the reports, either go to the main Reports page and run them there, or you go to the stylist in question, click on the Reports tab, and run them there.


On the check-out page, you'll find the Recipients section -- where you choose to whom the samples are going -- easier to use.

There are now separate tabs for a normal check-out, and returning samples to a client.

You can also add a new stylist on the spot by choosing "Add new..." from the Stylists dropdown menu. Here's what a 'normal' checkout looks like:

A "normal" check-out

And when you are returning samples to a client:

Returning samples to a client

As usual the delivery address will be filled in automatically when you choose a recipient.


Celebrity stylists are playing a bigger and bigger role in Fashion PR these days. These changes to Sparkle will let you organise (within Sparkle anyway!) all the stylists you work with.

This is all live in your Sparkle account now. Enjoy!

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