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We have rebuilt Sparkle's search so you can find what you want faster than ever.


We have rebuilt Sparkle's search from the ground up. It searches more things, gives you more context, lets you filter your search results, and is available on every page.

You can for example:

  • Scan a sample's barcode to jump directly to that sample.
  • Scan a delivery note's barcode to jump directly to that delivery note.
  • Find all send-outs to, say, Red magazine, last week.
  • Find all red samples in your showroom belonging to a specific client.
  • Find all stylists based in London.
  • And on and on...

Let's see what's new in a little more detail.

The search box moved

This was a trivial change but a very useful one.

Previously you had to click on a Search link to go to a page with the search box. There was an unnecessary step. Now the search box is right there at the top of every page, where you would expect it, so you can search directly from wherever you are.

Everything is searchable

We added all your media contacts – publications, freelancers, and stylists – to the search engine. Now you can search for anything and everything across all the samples, delivery notes, and contacts in your Sparkle account.

If we extend Sparkle with new types of content in future, for example comments, we'll make sure those are searchable too. So you'll always be able to search everything in your account.

Narrow down your searches

Top-level search results

When you search for something, Sparkle shows you all the different kinds of things which match. In the screenshot here we searched for 'red' and you can see our search matched 902 samples, 19 stories, 1 magazine and 1 magazine staffer.

Immediately this helps you distinguish red-coloured samples, Red magazine, and people called "Red".

Within each kind of match – samples, stories, etc – the results are broken down further. And you can click on any or all of these filters to narrow the results to exactly what you need.

As you add, remove, and combine filters, the result counts update in real time. This immediate feedback gives you a great feel for where everything is and what impact your filters are having.

Breakdown of sample results

The screenshot on the right shows the breakdown for samples when I search for 'red'. You can see 405 are active (i.e. not archived), 271 are Nike's, and 320 are available right now in the showroom.

If you wanted you could click on 'Active', 'Nike', and 'Available' to combine those filters and see exactly those samples. Or you could find all the 'red' Levi's samples which have got lost. And so on.

This extra context makes it much easier to find what you want.

Jump directly to single search results

If your search matches one thing and one thing only, Sparkle will skip showing you the search results and instead take you directly to that item's page.

This means you can scan a barcode and jump straight to the sample or delivery note.


Searching is something people do a lot. These changes make Sparkle's search far more useful. We hope you find it as useful as we do!

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