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Avoid accidentally deleting stuff

Don't run the risk of new team members deleting your top client or messing up your delivery note emails. Give them Basic Access so they can use Sparkle for the day-to-day sample tracking, but not cause trouble.


You're super busy every time you have a Press Day. So you decide this time you'll get a couple of interns to help you send out samples and check them back in. But you're too busy to show them Sparkle properly, so you give them log-ins and tell them to get on with it.

Now our core principle is making sample tracking easy. We genuinely believe Sparkle is the easiest sample tracking in Fashion PR. But, even so, mistakes happen. Here's what you don't want: the new girl accidentally deletes some cruial samples, or even all your top client's collections, and suddenly, just when you're busiest, you're in big trouble.

To stop this from happening you can give people Basic Access. This lets them use Sparkle for day-to-day sample management, but doesn't let them modify any crucial settings or delete anything. Phew!

How to change people's access

On the Staff page, follow the "Update permissions" link. This takes you to the Permissions page.

Here you'll see all your colleagues and wheher they have Normal or Basic access. To change someone's access, just click the radio buttons and press "Update these permissions". Easy.

The one person you can't change is the Account Owner, i.e. the person who signed up for Sparkle in the first place. They can always do everything.

Anyway, back on the Staff page you can also see people's access. In the screenshot below, you can see Andrew Stewart is the account owner, Anna Price has Basic access, and Jane Brown and Jemima Williams have norml access. (Since most people have normal access, Sparkle doesn't distract you by spelling it out.)

Staff permissions

Who can do what - in detail

The account owner can do everything. In the screenshot above I'm signed in as the account owner, so I can edit everybody's details.

People with normal access can do everything except update the Sparkle account details (e.g. the web address), and edit their colleague's details.

People with basic acess can't do those things either, and also can't:

  • Delete anything
  • Update your company's details (e.g. postal address)
  • Update your Sparkle account's settings (e.g. your delivery note footer)
  • Use the permissions page to change your colleagues' access
  • Change how delivery note emails are set up
  • Add a colleague

And if it all goes wrong...

We backup your data every 15 minutes. If you ever do lose any crucial information we can recover it for you. There really is no rason to worry (at least where Sparkle is concerned!).

Do get in touch if you have any questions or comments!

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