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Multiple Showrooms

9th December 2016

You can now run multiple showrooms from one Sparkle account.

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Sparkle Auf Deutsch

9th December 2016

Wir freuen uns, Euch mitteilen zu können, dass Sparkle nun auch auf Deutsch genutzt werden kann.

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Sample Rentals

14th April 2015

You can now loan your samples commercially, charging people’s credit cards through Sparkle when they rent your samples.

This opens up a new revenue stream for your showroom.

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2nd December 2014

You can now add comments to anything and everything in Sparkle.

Throw away your scraps of paper and keep your notes on freelancers, clients, samples, etc, right next to them.

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Better Search

3rd November 2014

We have rebuilt Sparkle's search so you can find what you want faster than ever.

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Choose the sample fields on your labels

2nd October 2014

You can now choose which sample fields are shown on your sample labels.

Add the price, take away the brand? No problem.

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German-language Delivery Notes

1st October 2014

Sparkle can produce your delivery notes in English or German, and even choose the best language automatically.

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Sample Sales and Gifts

18th June 2014

You can now tell Sparkle when samples have been sold, and you no longer need a delivery note for sample gifts.

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Sample Archiving

20th May 2014

Sparkle now lets you archive individual samples, as well as collections and clients, leading to a zen-like calm as you archive things you no longer need.

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On Heartbleed

15th April 2014

How Sparkle has responded to the Heartbleed bug.

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Sparkle Welcomes Former Bipo Customer

12th March 2014

We're delighted to welcome a former Bipo customer to Sparkle.

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Keeping Clients Informed

14th January 2014

Some clients like to know exactly where their samples are at all times. Keeping these clients informed used to be a time-consuming burden – but no more.

Let Sparkle take care of it with client emails and client access.

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Importing Samples

2nd July 2013

When the new season's collections arrive, if you have a spreadsheet listing the samples you can upload it directly into Sparkle.

It saves a lot of typing!

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Introducing Charts

26th June 2013

Sparkle holds a lot of useful information about your samples and contacts, and charts are a great way to see what's going on.

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Sample Reservations

20th May 2013

Often you don't need to send out a sample today, but you know you will need it soon.

You can now reserve samples to ensure they don't get sent out before you need them.

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Client Access

23rd April 2013

Do your clients ever ask you where all their samples are? Previously you had to run several stock reports, export them, and send them to the client.

Now you can simply give your clients (limited!) access to Sparkle.

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Outage Report

16th April 2013

Yesterday Sparkle was unavailable for 1 hour 13 minutes. This is what happened.

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Archiving old Clients and Collections

4th March 2013

After a few seasons you end up with clients and collections you no longer use.

Here's how to archive them to keep your Sparkle streamlined.

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New Prices

28th January 2013

Sparkle used to be all-or-nothing for one price.

Now you can choose a level to fit your needs, whether you're an international agency or a two-person team.

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Starred Samples

11th December 2012

Starring samples lets you pull samples from many collections onto one page.

You can print labels for your starred samples, use them as an ad-hoc look book, or simply remember your favourites.

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A way faster server for Sparkle

26th November 2012

Sparkle has moved to a new server (again!).

It's faster, more stable, and well set for future growth.

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Better Check-outs and Check-ins

31st October 2012

Check-outs and check-ins have always been quick and easy. Now they're even better.

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The One True Delivery Note

26th September 2012

The delivery note PDF is the one true delivery note.

The former delivery note page is now the story overview, and the check-in page is simpler.

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Sparkle Turns Four

13th August 2012

Sparkle turned four a couple of weeks ago!

Here's a review of the past few years.

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Signing Delivery Notes

10th August 2012

If you have your journalists and stylists sign their delivery notes, you'll be happy with this change.

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Increased Security

1st August 2012

We have increased the security of Sparkle in two concrete ways.

All communication is encrypted with SSL (HTTPS), and passwords are never sent out.

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Civilised Reminder Emails

16th July 2012

Your automatic reminder emails are now sent at 8.30am.

This should make people more likely to act on them!

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Celebrity stylists

9th July 2012

You can now check samples out to celebrity stylists.

And on the check-out page it's easier to choose where samples are going.

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Hot samples

26th June 2012

You can now discover which are your hottest, most popular samples.

You can break it down by season, month, or all time.

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Sample Imagery

10th April 2012

You can now store all your samples’ images in Sparkle. The images are shown on delivery notes, on your collection pages and, well, everywhere.

No more guessing when samples come back with missing or mixed up labels!

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PDF Delivery Notes

25th January 2012

Sparkle now generates beautiful PDF delivery notes for your samples.

It makes you look good.

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Yesterday's Unavailability

13th January 2012

Yesterday Sparkle was unavailable for 51 minutes. This is what happened.

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Lost Samples and Sample Gifts

3rd January 2012

Sometimes samples get lost; sometimes you give them to editors. Here's how to account for these in Sparkle.

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Choose the sample fields on your delivery notes

6th December 2011

You can now choose which sample fields are shown on your delivery notes.

Tailor your delivery notes to your audience!

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A shiny new server for Sparkle

22nd November 2011

Sparkle has moved to a newer, faster server.

You'll find Sparkle quicker and more stable.

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Short and Svelte Barcodes

10th November 2011

Sparkle's sample barcodes have been on a diet and are less than half their previous width. Now you can use smaller labels!

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Export to Excel

8th November 2011

You can now export all your reports and collections to Excel. Slice, dice, and graph your data to your heart's content!

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Printing Label PDFs

2nd November 2011

Getting your labels to line up can be difficult. This is how to do it.

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German Press Days SS12

31st October 2011

Two fab days in Berlin schmoozing with Germany's top agencies and brands!

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Save lots of money with Sparkle

4th July 2011

Sparkle saves our customers £6,600/year. It can save you money too, all while generating more publicity for your clients.

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Save Paper Printing Labels

16th May 2011

No more wasted labels! Print labels where you left off last time.

Now you can be all eco with Sparkle!

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New Look for Sparkle

25th April 2011

Sparkle has a new look! Now it's beautiful and intelligent...what's not to love?

The new design will help you in four ways: here's what they are.

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Sparkle Referral Scheme...Upgraded

29th March 2011

Now everyone (not just the boss) can benefit from recommending Sparkle to others! If you encourage one of your contacts to use Sparkle, we'll be very pleased to send you a cheque for

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Yesterday's Disruption

22nd March 2011

Yesterday morning Sparkle experienced bad disruption. This is what happened, what we did about it, and how we will avoid it in future.

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Happy New Year!

7th January 2011

We wish you all a Happy, Sparkly New Year!

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Refining and Polishing Sparkle

2nd December 2010

Our top priority with Sparkle is keeping it easy to use. So instead of building fancy new features that you would never use, we've been spending our time recently refining and polishing what's already there. We think all the small changes add up to a big improvement in how Sparkle helps you do your job.

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Sparkle Referral Scheme

1st September 2010

You can reduce your subscription to zero, and even earn money, by referring customers to us. Just get your friends at other Fashion PR companies to use Sparkle, and see your subscription plummet by 20% per referral. After five referrals you'll be using Sparkle for free, and for referrals after that we'll pay you!

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Avoid accidentally deleting stuff

31st August 2010

Don't run the risk of new team members deleting your top client or messing up your delivery note emails. Give them Basic Access so they can use Sparkle for the day-to-day sample tracking, but not cause trouble.

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Delivery Note Emails

23rd June 2010

You don't have time to keep chasing up everyone who's late returning your samples. So let Sparkle do it for you: Sparkle can email out the delivery note when it's ready, automatically send reminder emails, and then send a thank-you when all the samples are returned. You'll get more samples back on time, with less effort.

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Special Offer For Those Using Other Systems

25th May 2010

Switch to Sparkle and use it free for the rest of your contract with your current system!

So you already spent your sample-tracking budget on a sample tracking product and there's no more money in the pot. That's ok, we understand. But hey! We'd love to have you as a customer -- so let's forget the Sparkle fees until your contract runs out.

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Make Your Job Easier With Barcodes

10th March 2010

Sparkle has full support for barcodes so, if you want, you can save yourself a lot of typing by scanning barcodes instead.

This speeds things up, eliminates typos, and just looks cool.

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How To Get Started With Sparkle

1st February 2010

So you've just signed up for Sparkle. Congratulations! Now let's get started already.

This guide tells you exactly what you need to do to get up and running. From zero to check-out in 2 minutes!

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Our Philosophy

4th January 2010

Sparkle is a sample tracking system with attitude. But what is that attitude and does it work for you?

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