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Here are some things Sparkle can do for you.

  • Carefully designed to save you as much time as possible
  • And enable you to handle all the samples you'll ever have
  • Particularly easy to use
  • We make any changes you need as quickly as we can
  • Excellent customer support
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See at a glance what's happening this week, which samples are late, and month-by-month sample activity. Click through to detailed reports.

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Publications, Stylists & Freelancers

Import your press contacts. Find them quickly with intelligent fuzzy-search. Track their reliability and chase up late returns.

Clients and Brands

Manage your clients and contacts, and all their brands. See reports for each client, brand and collection: stock reports, most popular samples, gifts, losses, loans, returns.

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See all the collections for a brand, broken down by season.

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View all the samples in a collection, each one uniquely coded. Print barcode labels, filter by status, drill down into samples' histories.


Quickly and easily print barcoded labels for all your samples. The stylist removed all your labels? No problem: just re-print the new labels you need. Barcodes let you scan samples and delivery notes for instant results.

Streamlined check-outs & check-ins

Send samples out with a couple of clicks. Scan their barcodes to add them to the delivery note. Scan the barcodes again when they're returned. Job done.

The full sample lifecycle

Sparkle handles loans, gifts, losses, and client returns. Track everything that ever happened to every sample.

Sample images

Store your sample images in Sparkle. They'll feature on your delivery notes, boosting returns, and make your collections easier to browse.

Delivery notes

Sparkle automatically generates branded PDF delivery notes in English or German. These can be customised with your own fonts, colours, and hi-res logos.

Sample reservations

Reserve samples ahead of important client or editorial meetings, so they can't be inadvertently sent out elsewhere. When the time comes, add all the reserved samples to a delivery note with one click.

Starred samples

Bookmark key samples across your collections to pull them together on one page. Handy for ad-hoc label-printing or monitoring important samples without having to reserve them.

Automatic Reminder Emails

Let Sparkle follow up late returns automatically by email. Or have Sparkle email you the reminders. You can also send new delivery notes and thank-yous automatically.

Comprehensive reporting

Know everything about your samples: where they are, where they've been, who handled them, etc. Stock reports, audit trails, a complete history, and much more.


When you've finished with a collection, or even a client, declutter by archiving. Sparkle moves it out of the way while preserving all the history.


You can access Sparkle from anywhere. There's nothing to download or install, and we take care of all backups and maintenance. Very convenient!


Your data is in safe hands. All communication between your browser and Sparkle is protected by bank-level encryption, and Sparkle's servers sit in a secure data centre.


Sparkle has had a rock solid 99.99% uptime over the past 12 months. We backup your data off-site every 15 minutes. In addition you can download all of your data whenever you want.