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Sparkle for Fashion PR

Why choose Sparkle?

Sparkle helps you grow your revenue from clients while reducing your admin costs.

  • It's clear, fast, focused, and practical.
  • It helps you get the most value from your samples.
  • It lets you concentrate on your business.

More satisfied clients

Sparkle helps you send out your samples as often as possible, generating more press for your clients.

With Sparkle's detailed records and reports, whenever you talk to your clients you'll have all the information they need at your fingertips.

“Our clients often want to know which are their most popular samples.”

“Unfortunately not many of our clients keep track of what they send us! Sparkle does.”


Better press relationships

“The reservations work perfectly. We love it!”

See how long your contacts hold on to your samples, which ones they've got now, and which they've had.

Help editors and stylists help you. Reserve key samples for editorial meetings. Send out crystal-clear, branded delivery notes with your samples. Let Sparkle follow up late returns automatically.

The only way it could be easier for your contacts to return your samples is if you went over and fetched them yourself.

Happier, more productive staff

Everything in Sparkle is designed to save you time. Showrooms can get pretty hectic around press days, fashion weeks, and when new collections arrive – so we make Sparkle as simple and fast as we can.

And we pride ourselves on Sparkle's ease of use.

When you can get things done simply and quickly, you feel good.

“I used to spend two solid days at the end of every month preparing client reports. Now I can do them in a few minutes.”


Excellent customer service


We provide the customer service we'd love to receive. Whatever you need, we're happy to help.

And we love hearing suggestions for Sparkle. Many of Sparkle's best features started with a customer saying, "It would be great if..."

Which of the following best describes how you track samples?

Excel / FileMaker Pro / Word

These work well in the beginning. But over time they get harder and harder to work with.

  • You have to take turns updating unwieldy spreadsheets
  • The spreadsheets / FileMaker Pro get harder to maintain
  • Putting together a client report (or any report) takes a long time
  • Checking samples in and out requires lots of typing
  • After a while you simply lose track of samples

The good news is it's easy to import your samples and contacts into Sparkle from Excel or FileMaker Pro.

We use another software product

Does this sound familiar?

  • The software is harder to use than we thought
  • It's full of features we don't use, and a little clunky
  • It's more expensive than we budgeted for
  • It's too slow
  • Getting support from the vendor takes too long
  • They don't listen to us or make the changes we need

Many of our customers had similar experiences before switching to Sparkle.

Knowing these answers will help you grow your business

Imagine having all this information when making decisions. No more guessing.

  • Are you sending out more or fewer samples each month?
  • Which magazines are good to you, and which abuse your time?
  • Which are your clients' most popular samples?
  • Are you giving away too many samples to editors?
  • Are you billing your clients enough for all the work you actually do for them?


“It's easier to use Sparkle than not to use it.”

Sparkle tells you all this, and much more.