Currently tracking 1,100,000 samples

About Sparkle

Comprehensive sample tracking for the brightest and best Fashion PR agencies and press teams.


Sparkle is an online sample tracking service. It's easy to use, fast and reliable, with impeccable service.

From Beverly Hills to Berlin and London to Manhattan, you will find the brightest and best Fashion PR agencies and brands managing their showrooms with Sparkle.

If you haven't heard of Sparkle before, here's why:


I don't want to recommend Sparkle to anyone else because it is a huge competitive advantage for us.
— Mike Langhammer, Owner, FakePR


We also don't have a sales team, preferring to concentrate on product improvements and customer service.

How is Sparkle different?

You have several choices for tracking your samples, including just using Excel. What makes Sparkle different?

  • Sparkle is easier to use and faster than the alternatives - so we're told by over 95% of our customers.
  • Sparkle is tailor-made for Fashion PR. It speaks your language and fits your workflow.
  • Your job is PR: it's not a good use of your time to build your own sample system. Our job is sample tracking and we spend all our time on it, so you don't have to.
  • You get constant improvements and upgrades, usually many each week.
  • We listen very closely to our customers - if you need something, it'll be in Sparkle ASAP.

Customer service

Sparkle is renowned for excellent customer service.

I wrote Sparkle myself from the ground up, I answer all the questions, and I do all the support. As you can imagine, I take very good care of Sparkle and Sparkle's customers.

When you send an email, or phone, you'll get your response from me every time. I know everything about Sparkle and I will do my best to fix your problem.


How many software services do you use where you can talk directly to the inventor?
— Joana Kohrs, Head of Showroom, Silk Relations


Who runs Sparkle?

Andy Stewart

I'm Andrew Stewart and my company runs Sparkle. I won a scholarship at Cambridge University studying engineering.

I have 15 years' experience building websites and databases that businesses depend on all day, every day.

I believe technology should help people, not make their lives harder! We work hard to make Sparkle as clear, easy and effective as possible.


The domain was already taken; was available — HQ stands for headquarters. But we call our system Sparkle.