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Sparkle for Fashion PR

Spend your time on PR, not sample admin

Sparkle is a fast, easy sample tracking service for busy teams. It cuts your sample admin time by 80%. You'll get more press with less effort — helping you outperform everybody else.

It’s perfect for fashion brands and PR agencies.

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“Sparkle has transformed my business so that we can focus on the important things rather than managing inventory.”

Liz Anthony • Mariposa Communications


“Before Sparkle, samples would get lost. Now we always know where they are.”

Christoph Amshoff • Silk Relations


“We love Sparkle.”

Skye Harrison • Kitch & Honey


Are you fed up with sample send-outs taking 20 minutes or more?

You can do a complete send-out in 2-3 minutes with Sparkle. Including a professional, branded PDF delivery note emailed straight to your contact.

Do you dread producing reports for your clients at the end of the month?

Instead of spending hours and hours putting together reports by hand, let Sparkle generate them with a few clicks.

Is your time wasted chasing up late returns?

You have better things to do! Sparkle follows up automatically by email, saving you from phoning round all your contacts. Again.

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